Homework Network * Non-profit learning ring

TO DO LIST * List of tasks to be done in the next weeks.
Lists of ”Top Ten” * Samples with ”Paint” * Samples with ”PowerPoint” *  *

TO SEARCH LIST * Words, tags and topics to perform a search.
Non-profit * public domain * free use * free of charge * non-commercial * educational purposses only * self-taught * non-adult content *

TO VISIT LIST * A quick view to related and interesting websites. 
Enciclopaedias * translators * dictionaries * set phrases * charts * biographies * science & invents anniversaries * today in history * ancient history * news about culture, art, science, expeditions, sports, charity, education and family values projects * Topics to avoid: war, criminality and similarities. 

TO EXPLORE LIST * A deep exploration to confirm the sites visited are worthwhile for repeating consultation.
No ads * The least hidden links as possible * Not fake sites.

Homework Network * Non-profit learning ring
Cleanweb BSpot * Bilingual Newspaper * Cleanweb Tumblr

Become an Examiner * Reporter practice

Quality writers wanted: Join us!

We’re seeking people like you who have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, a passion about that topic and a desire to share related insights with others.

Join others across the country as they provide a wealth of local information, insider perspectives, helpful resources, and a view into a variety of events and activities within their cities.

Examiner com
Become an Examiner * Reporter practice

We are exploring this week…

a) Wikipedia Org
b) Info Please com
c) Fact Monster com
d) Word Magic Soft com * A sight for sore eyes
d) Business Balls com
e) Logos Quotes Org 
f) Skyscraper Page com 
g) Big Photo com 
h) Public Domain Org
i) Photo Everywhere Co UK 

01) Blog Lines com / blog *
The Twin Reporter 
02) Bilingual Journalists Webs * PRESS HERE TO SEE
03) Bebo com / Cleanweb * PRESS HERE TO SEE

Homework Network
Free websites that offer free non-adult content to practise languages in a school, community or family atmosphere. Easy to navigate in, with interesting topics and accurate facts to share within our non-profit Homework Network.

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