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Agoura Hills Acorn 6 Ene 2012
This year, Yollis and her students received three awards in the Edublog They also won a year’s subscription to “Edublogs Pro,” another blogging tool.

Linda Yollis’ use of blogging in her third-grade class at Chaparral Elementary School in Calabasas has been gaining worldwide attention. This year, Yollis and her students received three awards in the Edublog contest.

Edublog is an international, Australia-based provider of blogging platforms for teachers, students and school districts. The awards promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging.

Yollis’ class won first place in the Best Classroom Blog, and a collaborative blog she shares with classrooms around the world, “Our World, Our Stories,” won the top award for Best Group Blog.

Yollis also won for the Most Influential Post based on her “How to Comment” lesson embedded within her class blog.

She said the blog gives her students daily practice with reading and writing, which is important for developing writers. Having an audience motivates the children to “produce quality posts and comments.” Blogging in the classroom teaches the students to limit the amount of personal information they post on the Internet.

Yollis said the blog is “a real online community … a place for my students, their families and other classes around the world to come together for collaboration and learning.”

The “Our World, Our Stories” group blog brought together seven elementary school classes from three continents and six countries. For seven weeks, students from the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ghana and Belize shared stories and learned about life in other lands. Students described their environments, recess games, traditional stories and songs, and what a typical school day was like for each of them.

“Teaching children how to be positive members of an online community is an important skill and a passion of mine,” Yollis said.

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