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USA: campaign against online piracy act 
By Electron Libre 

USA: campaign against online piracy act

Wikipedia on strike… the collaborative online encyclopedia will black out its English edition for 24 hours this Wednesday in protest against two controversial online piracy acts currently under discussion in the US Congress.

So the fifth most visited site in the world is joining the strike action initiated by social sharing hub Reddit which is to shut down services for 12 hours. They hope the “blackout” will raise awareness on how, in their opinion, the proposed legislation threatens a free Internet.

The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, or SOPA, and the “Protect Intellectual Property Act”, or PIPA, aredesigned to block access… ETC. 

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Contre Sopa et Pipa, le lobbying 2.0 est né

Suite à la grève numérique de centaines de sites, des parlementaires américains ont retiré leur soutien à deux projets de loi controversés sur la protection des droits d’auteur. Les géants du Web pèsent désormais autant que les lobbys traditionnels


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