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MANSFIELD — Some students in the Mansfield ISD got the chance of a lifetime on Tuesday.

The crew of Expedition 30 aboard the International Space Station fielded questions from youngsters at Asa Low Intermediate School via satellite.

Students lined the auditorium stage to get answers from the astronauts about everything from health to what a normal work day is like.

Sixth-grader Patrick Wickstrom said he asked the astronauts: “Do you sweat in space? If you do, does it float?”

Fifth-grader Alexis Facundo asked what the astronauts got to take with them into space. “I would have thought they would bring something close to them,” she said.

For the students it was a chance to learn about NASA and the 100-plus science experiments the astronauts are conducting at the space station.

Teacher Patricia Londono said the question-and-answer session is an important learning tool. “The next thing is the Orion, and we really need to get our kids inspired and interested in this so they can come up with those things that are going to go to Mars and Saturn, further into space,” she said.

It’s a lesson that has left a lasting impression with these students.

“It was really exciting, I was astounded.” Alexis said.

“This is basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you can never ever do it again,” Patrick added.


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Los cinco eventos más esperados en la industria espacial en 2012

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La expansión de empresas privadas al sector espacial, monopolizado antes por Estados, marca la lista de cinco eventos más esperados en 2012.   


3. Una prueba más de la creciente comercialización del sector espacial será el primer vuelo suborbital de la nave SpaceShipTwo con turistas a bordo. La empresa Virgin Galactic cobrará a cada pretendiente 200.000 dólares por un vuelo de dos horas y media, incluidos cinco minutos de ingravidez.  


4. El portal de vídeos YouTube transmitirá en verano de 2012 dos experimentos científicos desde la Estación Espacial Internacional (ISS). El proyecto, aupado por la empresa de turismo espacial Space Adventures y las agencias espaciales de EEUU, Europa y Japón, prevé que usuarios del portal y dos jurados especiales escojan esos experimentos de entre 60 propuestas finalistas cuyos autores son jóvenes de 14-18 años. 



Three Open Source Timeline Tools And Thoughts On The Future Of News Timelines – 10,000 Words

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Three Open Source Timeline Tools And Thoughts On The Future Of News Timelines…    1. ProPublica’s Timeline Setter
Timeline Setter is by far my favorite of the open-source toosl because it’s easy to use and was created with a news organization in mind (read previous 10,000 Words coverage about Timeline Setter here). From the site’s description:   It is a command-line utility that takes a specially-structured CSV file as input and outputs standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It supports any span of time from minutes to years, and supports multiple parallel event series in a single timeline. It can handle custom descriptions and even arbitrary HTML in each event “card.” It creates fluid embeds that will look great at any width.   The CSV structure that powers the data for the timeline is relatively straight-forward. You have a column for the date, the title and the description, then an HTML field to input photos or video. If you’ve never used a Ruby package before or worked in command line, students at CUNY have put together a dead simple video tutorial to show you the way (part I embedded below; see part II on YouTube):

John Fitzgerald Kennedy * 1963 USA


This interactive timeline of Kennedy’s short trip to Dallas is driven by a database of events, people and organizations. To explore the day of the assassination and the three days following, click any point on the timeline and a window will open with more information. Sources: Dallas Morning News archives; WFAA-TV. 
11:45 a.m.

Charles Roberts, a Newsweek correspondent covering the presidential party, watches as Kennedy enters the back seat of his convertible limousine. Mrs. Kennedy sits beside her husband. Secret Service agent Bill Greer is driving; agent Roy Kellerman sits beside him. Gov. John Connally and his wife, Nellie, take the jump seats. The other cars in the entourage fall in behind for the motorcade that will take them through downtown Dallas en route to the Trade Mart, where Kennedy is to deliver a luncheon address. 

Roberts: ”He (Kennedy) had inquired about the weather that morning and decided that they would not have the top on it (the limousine). They had a choice of three tops: a fabric top – a fabric top, of course, would have obscured him from the public; and the plastic top, which the Secret Service had told me would deflect a bullet, but would not stop it; and then a metal top.”

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains a defining moment in the history of the United States.


Rusia construye nave para turismo espacial – Taringa!…/Rusia-construye-nave-para-turismo-espacial.html MOSCÚ. La corporación espacial rusa Energuia, fabricante de las Soyuz, anunció que está construyendo una nueva nave tripulada para enviar turistas  La NASA reserva tres vuelos en la nave suborbital SpaceShipTwo 14 Oct 2011 – Moscú, 14 de octubre, RIA Novosti Nave espacial Space Ship Twopara turistas realiza vuelo de prueba  La empresa pretende desarrollar con esta naveel turismo espacial, con el precio de un pasaje ascendiendo a  Space Adventures reanudará viajes espaciales para turistas en 13 Ene 2011 – Moscú, 13 de enero, RIA Novosti. Noticias relacionadas. Roscosmos tiene inversor para promover turismo espacial; Estrategia de la  Energía para volver a emplear las naves Soyuz con fines turísticos a partir de 2013,  Los cinco eventos más esperados en la industria espacial en 2012 28 Dic 2011 – Moscú, 28 de diciembre, RIA Novosti de Virgin Galactic · Space Adventures reanudará viajes espaciales para turistas en 2013  La cápsula Dragon, primera nave espacial privada de la compañía estadounidense  El proyecto, aupado por la empresa de turismo espacial Space Adventures y las  MundoAstronomía » Rusia planea reanudar el turismo espacial… RSC Energia ahora tiene la capacidad de construir cinco naves Soyuz por año  ser designada para turistas espaciales después de 2012, informó RIA Novosti.  

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