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Assange episode 10: ‘End of the world as we know it?
Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/327380#ixzz1z1iV8zAV

London – In this episode Julian Assange interviews Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali. Discussions are held on the Arab Spring, the crisis in the West and new hope in Latin America.

This is the last episode of “The World Tomorrow”, which has been a fascinating and informative series of interviews with controversial people worldwide. All other episodes can be accessed from the links at the bottom of this article.

This week Julian Assange interviews Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali, both well-known activists of the intellectual left, and discussions are held about the Arab Spring, protests that have erupted in Western countries in the last year and also new hope in Latin America. Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/327380#ixzz1z1iuWHRm

1 Feb 2012  Grabó su diálogo desde Reino Unido. El fundador de WikiLeaks se interpretará a sí mismo en la serie de la FOX.
http://www.periodistadigital.com/…/julianassange-los-simpson-vecino-estrella- invitada-escandalo-hollywood.shtml
26 Ene 2012  El fundador de ‘Wikileaks’ continuará dando de qué hablar. Es una excelente oportunidad para discutir sobre la visión de mis invitados en un 
http://www.periodistadigital.com/…/julianassange-wikileaks-entrevistas-programa- television-estados-unidos.shtml

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