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D I S C L A I M E R 

Si vous apparaissez sur HOMEWORK NETWORK et que vous ne le souhaitez pas, un petit mail de votre part et je retire votre photo.

If you see yourself on this non-profit HOMEWORK NETWORK and you do not want to be here, please send me an email and I will remove your photo. 

You may find much more bilingual content to copy and paste for non-commercial use. Only for educational purposes to practice and improve your students’ language skills.

Donate to my non-profit learning site * I need a laptop – Thank you 

Homework Network 
Free websites that offer free non-adult content to practise languages in a school, community or family atmosphere. Easy to navigate in, with interesting topics and accurate facts to share within our non-profit Homework Network visitors and collaborators.

”If you don’t create your reality, 
your reality will create you”
See you later, alligator… afterwhile, crocodile!

TO DO LIST * List of tasks to be done in the next weeks.
Lists of ”Top Ten” * Samples with ”Paint” * Samples with ”PowerPoint” *  *

TO SEARCH LIST * Words, tags and topics to perform a search.
Non-profit * public domain * free use * free of charge * non-commercial * educational purposses only * self-taught * non-adult content *

TO VISIT LIST * A quick view to related and interesting websites.
Enciclopaedias * translators * dictionaries * set phrases * charts * biographies * science & invents anniversaries * today in history * ancient history * news about culture, art, science, expeditions, sports, charity, education and family values projects * Topics to avoid: war, criminality, human exploitation. 

TO EXPLORE LIST * A deep exploration to confirm the sites visited are worthwhile for repeating consultation.
No ads * The least hidden links as possible * Not fake sites.

My Homework Network * Non-profit learning ring * Prof JML * Mexico 


Our students invite you to visit the following EXTERNAL sites to choose the kind of news you like for your student newspaper or magazine, to practice your language skills in a foreign language. Ask your teacher what to do. Enjoy it. 

Wikinoticias Org Spanish  

Wikinews Org English

Wikinews Org French

Christian Science Monitor (English) * World

Zimbio News * English * Entertainment plus

Euro News * Languages Spa Eng Fre Ger Russ Pluss

RIA Novosti * Languages  Spa Eng Fre Ger Russ Plus

Google News Search * World newspapers

Wired News * Journalism Students * Tips in English

Mon JT Quotidien * Video News for Children * French  

Radio Formula Mexico * Denisse Maerker * Spanish

Reporte Indigo Com * Denisse Dresser * Spanish

Words / palabaras 477 


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